The Wedge has Launched!

The Wedge has Launched!

October 4, 2016


  • Putting the pieces together...

  • 1 Minute Video Introduction to The Wedge Distribution

  • WIN Free GEAR!

  • Time to Meet the Music Stores ... R O A D T R I P !

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  • New and Cool:

    •    The Fiberreed Story - Stage 1 of 8

    •     Nadir's 10 x Gold Plating

    •     Forestone Cryo Treatment

    •     The Rocking Mindi Abair Signature

    •     Rare Legacy Chasson Guitar Available

  • Dynamic Dealer List

  • Dynamic Professional Artist Endorser List

It has been a fun year putting all the pieces into place.

The aim was to be strategic, thorough, and balanced with the continued endeavours of our partners. This was accomplished, establishing another dynamic platform to share the wonderful developments of Fiberreed,
Nadir Saxwind, Theo Wanne Instruments, Forestone, and Chasson Guitars. It is a privilege to work closely with these companies and their renowned inventors and entrepreneurs. They are dear friends and valued partners.


Tom Wanne and Nadir Ibrahimoglu, owner of Nadir Saxwind, at Music China Shanghai (on the left). Tom  with artist endorser Taj and Harry Hartmann, President of Fiberreed, at NAMM (on the right).


It continues to be a fun and rewarding journey. And now, we are turning up the volume to 11. The Wedge has launched!

The Wedge Video Extravaganza! 


Please enjoy our new video introduction.



Watch Video Extravaganza on YouTube


Interesting Blog about the Making of the Video



Gear and/or gift certificate drawings on most holidays. All email subscribers are entered into the drawings. One entry per email address. Subscribers can EARN EXTRA BALLOTS by liking and following us on social media.


Drawings on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and more.



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Time to meet the resellers. R O A D T R I P !


The Wedge hits the road to visit music stores across the wild, wild west. We are excited to travel the Western United States with a full set of premium musical gear from Fiberreed, Nadir Saxwind, Theo Wanne, and Forestone. And, professional artist endorsers will join to help answer technical questions and provide demos when desired. We will have some timely holiday promotions and a whole lot of positive energy.

We will keep a travel log of the stores we visit, the people we meet and anything else of interest along the way. You can stayed tuned here: 


The Wedge Road Trip Nov, 2016


Music Stores let us know if you want a visit!


We will do our best to work you into our schedule.
We look forward to meeting you!


I'm curious about a VISIT during your Nov 2016 road trip

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   The Fiberreed Story - Stage 1 of 8

 After Harry split with Hahn in 1996, he wanted to improve the reed. The black rubber would move over time. With ideas in mind, Harry began development of The Yellow Rubber Reed. Follow the rest of the story here!



   Nadir's 10 x Gold Plating