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The Wedge Video Extravaganza!

Diving into Adobe Premiere Pro is always a treat. I don't afford myself a lot of time to do video work. It can just eat away the hours. Which, is true for a lot of media work for the matter. But, I enjoy it. I love graphical feedback manifested from hours of computer programming.

That love started back in middle school when I programmed the Commodore 64. I wrote games for fun and wrote educational software for a company called Little People. We made a character that used some of the first voice emulation available on computers at that time. The programs would move the Little Person character around the screen and have him talk and demonstrate topics like geography, currency, and math. I vividly recall the excitement of 64k of memory to work with. ;P

I sold the programs for about $600 a piece. Which, for a 15 year old, was a fortune and allowed me to buy the latest and greatest audio / video gear on the market.

Dual VCRs were the new kids on the block. They made editing MTV video complitations much easier. ... lol ... back when MTV was about music videos. The path of MTV is another interesting story. But, for another day.

The importance of video is huge and growing fast. It is the preferred method of media engagement and easily used throughout different social medias and web sites. Youtube, Facebook and Google+ have matured with their video user interfaces and analytical tools. The Annotations and Cards are wonderful YouTube engagement tools.

The most enjoyable part of making this video was playing around with animation tools (as you may have Although daunting at first, the animation user interface became routine after playing around with several free text animation templates. A simple search unveils many template choices. It was also fun to play with the video speed. The intro beginning is sped up and the burst of light is slowed down.

I look forward to diving deeper into Premiere Pro with my next video project. It is exciting to have so many features and tools available to learn. I truly appreciate information at my fingertips. We have come a long ways since buying an encyclopedia from a salesperson at the door was a serious option for expanding one's learning horizons.

I tip my hat to the information age for delivering wonderful video tools and educational resources.

Please enjoy a one-minute video introduction to The Wedge Distribution.

Cheers! :D

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