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New Products for May 2020

It is always exciting to bring new products to our musical instrument family.

Please check these out:

  • Forestone Black Bamboo with Blast

  • Win-D-Fender

  • Reed Guards for Alto and Tenor Sax

  • The Wilmington Flute from Music Medic

  • The Wilmington Clarinet from Music Medic

  • Copper Carbon Classic Fiberreed

The Forestone Black Bamboo with Blast model has a special surface treatment for better projection, more volume and quicker response!
  • French filed cut

  • Harder resistance for more control

  • Dark classical sound

  • Tonally perfectly balanced

  • Contains bamboo fiber and special carbon mixture

  • Resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and dehydration

The Win-D-Fender represents thousands of hours of engineering calculations, computer simulations, user trials, and laboratory validation. Every feature, contour and curve is designed to optimize engineering performance:
  • Maximizes wind protection

  • Promotes aerodynamic wind flow around the Win-D-Fender

  • Manages turbulence for seamless sound generation

  • Provides a personal "sound mirror"

  • Minimized weight

  • Optimized for sound projection and condensation relief

  • Prevents wind intrusion

  • Preserves the users' air stream without facial interference

  • Accommodate a broad range of face sizes and shapes

  • Provides critical clamp force and still easily operated

Reed Guards at The Wedge Distribution
Reed Guards protect your reeds! We have two options:
  • Inexpensive, clear plastic reed guards with volume discount.

  • Forestone heavier duty reed guards.

The Music Medic Wilmington Flute is an amazing student flute at an excellent price. The flute is made in the same factory as our clarinets and the machining and build quality is excellent.
  • Key work same as much-higher price point instruments

  • Tolerances same as much-higher price point instruments

  • Impressive feel of the keys and overall tone

  • "The Ring" in the upper register

  • Every clarinet is play tested and set-up at by a Music Medic technician

​These characteristics are usually found on much higher priced instruments and we are proud to offer this quality flute.

The Music Medic Wilmington Clarinet (901) is highly playable and economical. It features an ABS body finished with a brushed wood-grain look. The lightweight ABS resin body is quite durable and ideal for beginners, students, and marching band because it’s easy to clean, low maintenance, and resists cracking. The body of the clarinet is machined on a 4 axis CNC machine for a highly consistent result. The Boehm French style keywork is constructed from solid rigid German nickel-silver with durable nickel plated finish.​
  • Premium skin pads

  • Undercut tone holes for optimal performance

  • Locking posts keep the clarinet in excellent alignment

  • Stainless steel screws and rods

  • Blue steel needle springs for excellent key action

  • Adjustable thumb rest with strap ring for optional neck strap

  • Adjustment screw allows the F/C key to be easily set up

  • Every clarinet is play tested and set-up at by a Music Medic technician

And, altough highlighted last week, I think Fiberreed's new Copper Carbon Classic synthetic reed is worth another shout out. Check it out!
Fiberreed Copper Carbon Classic Reed
  • Infused with copper and carbon

  • Reinforced heart area

  • Full bodied

  • Fat low register

  • Warmer tone

  • More resistance

  • Comparable playing to cane reeds

  • Classic cut

  • Available: Soprano, Alto and Tenor

Have a wonderful April!



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